Your Journey To Losing That Belly Fat

I’m here to share with you the number one question a personal trainer or group exercise instructor hears.

“How do I get rid of this?”

Many think that 100 crunches every night will take care of this unwanted area of belly fat.




Although doing ab work will burn calories and strengthen your core, it is a cardio workout and a good diet that is the key to shedding the extra pounds. It is impossible to target specific areas of fat. Although a great cardio workout will shed the fat from your body evenly making you toned all over. Don’t get discouraged if your body clings to fat in certain areas as you shed the chub. This still means your hard work is paying off!  There are many reasons why fat is held in certain areas of the body on certain people. One of the main reasons is genetics and hormones, which you have no control over.  Sticking to a great cardiovascular workout at least 4 days per week will help you on your way to a flat stomach. Also look into high intensity interval training, which we will explain in future blogs, which burns calories even after your workout. Lastly, as always, stick to a healthy nutrition plan to keep your body working properly.

So keep crunching but get running! Work hard. EARN YOUR BODY


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