Weight-loss Wednesday: Re-thinking what you’re Drinking!

Carrying excess weight in the abdomen increases your risk of heart disease and diabetes.  According to Harvard Health, this is due to the metabolically active fat that is stored in the midsection which releases hormones that promote inflammation, raise blood pressure, alter cholesterol levels, and interfere with normal blood vessel activity.


  •  Soda is a definite “no no” when trying to burn belly fat. Soda is loaded with sugars and other additives. One of the major sweetening components in soda is high fructose corn syrup, which has been proven to make fat cells “fatter.” The body has a hard time burning off this type of sugar. These unburned calories from sugar then become stored fat, which tends to settle in the midsection.  The average American consumes at least 50% of their sugar calories in sweetened beverages. If you take a look at eliminating one soda or sweetened beverage per day in the bottled form (typically 20oz)you could cut out about 240 calories (all from sugar!). In one year that is 87,600 calories! There are 3,500 calories in 1 lb of body fat. If you swap 1 Soda or sweetened beverage each day for water that could be 25lbs of potential fat loss-if you do not replace those sugars with other sugars throughout the day 😉


  • Diet Soda? So you’re probably thinking well diet soda may be calorie free or nearly calorie free so there should be no problem, right? Wrong. While diet sodas may have little to no calories listed their are potential health issues that may arise from day after day intake.  Diet sodas (whether labeled diet, light, or promoted with 5 or 10 calories) contain artificial sweeteners.  Studies have shown these sweeteners to disrupt the body’s natural way to signal satiety (fullness) through the neurotransmitter serotonin.  When sugar is consumed, serotonin responds normally helping signal the body to shut off your appetite when full. Artificial sweeteners disrupt this communication and can leave the body thinking it is still hungry when it is actually full-resulting in undesired weight gain.  Other studies have shown that from a psychological perspective while drinking diet soda people are able to reason with themselves to eat more calories elsewhere. For example, the mentality of saying, “Since I got a diet soda, I’ll get a medium french fry.”  While the topic of artificial sweeteners is very controversial, all of my research leads me to the statement “everything in moderation.” Is one diet soda a month going to kill you? No. But neither will one regular soda, so stick with a natural sweetened beverage over something artificial.

So now what are you going to tell me… you don’t like plain water? Try infusing! Some of my favorites are lemon, grapefruit, lime, mint, or cucumber! Just put a few slices of whatever you prefer in 20oz of water, chill up to 12 hours for best flavor. Try out the Infused Waters website for some great ideas and recipes. Take caution though, and stick to vegetables, herbs, spices, and lower sugar (low glycemic index scoring) fruits.


Give it a shot, the only thing you have to lose is some sugar intake and shed some pounds, sounds good to me! EARN YOUR BODY.


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