Weight Loss Wednesday: Pump it up!

Why should you strength train for weight loss?


While we all know that fat is stored in the midsection, legs, arms, butt-did you know it is stored within muscle as well? When you have a higher body fat percentage, fat stores up around the muscle and then within it.  It is similar to the marbleizing fat that appears in a cut of meat. This fat takes up a lot of space within the muscle and can make the muscles appear larger than they actually are.  If you lose weight from just dieting or cardio exercise and are not strength training you will become thinner but not “toned” because you are losing the appearance of muscle.


In your weight loss journey you should aim for being strong not skinny! Being strong and having a higher muscle mass is good for many reasons. First of all more muscle means higher resting metabolic rate.  This means you burn more calories while working out and doing regular day-to-day activities. Also what looks better… a stick thin body or sculpted and toned body? This is why diets alone can produce weight loss BUT diet AND exercise (strength/resistance training) will produce weight loss, higher metabolism, toned and healthy body.


I had a baby about 5 1/2 months ago. While cardio helped me lose some weight, I didn’t reach my pre-pregnancy weight and body without the strength training.  I teach Les Mills Body Pump classes as well as a variety of other fitness classes. When I started doing Body Pump, which is an hour long strength training barbell class, that is when I really started to see my body transform.  Body pump guides you through weight lifting exercises and reps to effectively work each muscle group in the body. The class is based on the REP EFFECT™, a breakthrough in resistance workout training.  It focuses on low weight loads and high repetition movements, you’ll burn fat, gain strength and quickly produce lean body muscle conditioning. Interested in Body Pump classes? Search on the Les Mills website for a studio near you, or if you are in our area come check out a class! Schedule available on www.myfocusedfitness.com


Pump it up…EARN YOUR BODY.



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