Weekend Wellness: Beach Workout NO EXCUSES

It’s that time of year! Vacations are all around us! You may be going on one soon yourself. We all tend to use a vacation as an EXCUSE. Just because you take a vacation from work or life doesn’t mean your fitness has to suffer. You can even use your beach surroundings to get outdoors while you exercise.  So here’s a beach workout that you can use on your next vacation.


10 minute beach run: Running in sand is a great workout. The sand provides resistance as well as an uneven surface that your legs and joints must react to.

5 min knee deep runs: Go into the water until it rises to about your knees.  From here run for 5 minutes. Whether you run a long distance or short distances back and forth, either works. Running in the water adds a lot of extra resistance for the legs.

5 min run in place shoulder deep: Now move further into the water until you are at about shoulder level. From here run in place. Make sure to pump your arms as you run.  You will be surprised at the increase in intensity.

2 min jumping jacks shoulder deep: While at shoulder depth water, complete jumping jacks. It’s amazing the added resistance to the outer thigh and shoulder muscles.

2 min sand burpees: Hate burpees already? You will love these! The sand will add a component of imbalance which will really engage your core!

This entire workout should take no more than 30 minutes! A few tips: wear shoes when exercising on the sand, exercise early or late for cooler weather, and stay hydrated!

You’ve got your beach body. Now while you are there, USE IT DON’T LOSE IT.  EARN YOUR BODY.


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