Slow and Steady wins the race!

Weight loss is a process. You didn’t gain ALL the weight over night, so you won’t loss it ALL over night either. Remember the simple facts. While a lot of hormones, and food choices play a role in fat loss: there are still 3,500 calories in a pound. That is a lot of calories. Creating that deficit through exercise and proper nutrition may seem like a task but it is VERY do-able. When you lose 1 lb of fat that is awesome ^^^^check out what that looks like! When you lose 1lb of water or muscle it doesn’t look that cool. Crash dieting, fad diets and diet pills have a few things in common. Namely they boast FAST weight loss. This is a RED FLAG. This type of weight loss begins with water weight, then grabs for your muscle for the next source. Weight loss like this is not sound or permanent.  As soon as you break the diet or stop taking the pill all this weight piles back on… sometimes even more than what you started with.


While in your mind it may be ideal to lose all the weight immediately, it may be an overwhelming task to conquer. True weight loss that is permanent requires lifestyle changes.  These changes involve breaking a lot of bad habits. Most people are not willing to quit all of these cold turkey until the end of time. So rather focus on mini goals that are lifestyle changes instead of quitting all of your luxuries at one time for a short time. Stick with eating clean: whole foods. Avoid making meals out of processed packaged foods. Remember the longer the shelf life, the shorter yours will be. Fuel your body with foods that will leave you feeling energized and satisfied, instead of sugar rich processed foods that pile on the fat and leave you searching for what’s next to eat.

Be committed to lifestyle changes. EARN YOUR BODY.



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