Motivational Monday: I WILL NOT…


This simple picture says so much.  Every Monday provides you with an opportunity to begin a week. Whether you lead your normal routine or begin a new one is up to you.  Whether you push yourself or take an easy path, yet again, up to you.  Our purpose with this blog is to open your eyes and provide you with arming information. With the two success is around the corner. Read this post and take in each phrase.

“I will not be lazy.” No one likes to truly admit that they are lazy, but most of us, at least at times, are. Life is hard and stressful, sleep or television always tends to seem more appealing. In the end however accomplishment always triumphs. Remember that as you make a decision whether to exercise or relax.

“I will not be like everyone else in society.” Say you are unique as much as you want, but for most people we are all trying to conform.  This is where our group of friends and family really impact our lives.  If you’re best friends always meet for tv and drinking they may not be adding to your overall health and wellness.  Maybe suggest that your group of friends change it up every once in awhile. Go bike riding, hiking, or meet for a game of sand volleyball at a local park!  Physical activity can be fun.

“I will not accept what I have now if I know I deserve better.” We all get in a comfortable rut in life. Making changes can be uncomfortable and hard. You may say I deserve to feel better about myself. Don’t accept not going for it. Be motivated. You may fail, but at least try.

“I will not sleep until I finish.” “I will not leave until I am done.”  Both of these quotes hit home on the same topic. FINISHING. Not giving up. Completing what we set out to do. If you want to lose 5 pounds, don’t stop until you do. Keep making healthy choices and sticking with it until it happens. You may struggle. It could take longer than you think. Just don’t give up.

“I will not tremble in front of new challenges.” Fitness goals and routines can be an intimidating challenge. The risk of failure the newness of the environment. Don’t let fear control your life. Attack those challenges that make you feel uncomfortable. Prove to yourself that you can attempt new challenges.

“I will not stop until I stop breathing.” Health and wellness is not a 3 week diet. It is not a 5 week exercise routine. Health and wellness is daily and for life. Put together or recruit the help of a professional to create a diet and exercise routine that you can continue to morph throughout your life. It needs to be something that you enjoy and is not a punishment.  It needs to be a part of your life.

“I will be whatever I want to be even if it takes sacrifice.” There is a cost vs benefit theory to all of life. To gain one thing you sometimes must give up something else. To lose weight you might have to give up some unhealthy food choices. This is a small example of how sacrifice must take place to benefit from healthy living.

“Even if I have little to give.” “Even if takes time.” “Even if I have no time at all.” “I will SUCCEED.”  No one has extra time. We must make time. If you want to succeed you will make time and put your health and wellness above all else.

Take these quotes to heart. Change your life. EARN YOUR BODY.


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