One Day Weight Loss Bust

The day of fast food and poor health choices.  We have all had them.  I am here to hit both sides of the one day weight loss bust.

The Negative.

I recently read a bloggers account of their day of diet disaster.  As I reiterate the details of their day, I am sure you as many others will think, “Oh I have had those days.”  So read on and I will hit the reaction post story.

  • “You sleep in and then head down to McDonald’s and have a Deluxe Breakfast with a large biscuit  and have margarine and syrup you have eaten 1340 calories. Even one meal like this creates barriers to losing weight.
  • But it is the weekend…one of the common excuses that ranks high among barriers to losing weight. By 3 you have been out shopping and are really hungry so you zip into DQ and have a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard and knock down 1320 calories.
  • After a couple more hours of errands you are to tired to go home and cook and you zip into Wendy’s for a Double Baconator, fries and a large coke. Wham…there you go with another 1264 calories. The barriers to losing weight are now sabotaging your whole week of perfect dieting.
  • You go home. After your busy day you crash and watch hockey on TV. You can’t do that without having a few beers and some wings. 9 wings to be exact, and 4 beers. There you go with 612 calories of beer, and 540 calories of wings.

That is a total of 5076 Calories.” –

Now let’s look at the math.  If you are trying to lose weight, you are most likely consuming around 1800 calories (depending on gender, weight, and activity level).  5076 calories – 1800 calories =3276 calories.  There are 3500 calorie in one pound. So, with this simple day of poor nutrition choices, you’ve nearly tacked on a pound.  The problem lies that now you not only have to work off 3276 calories to maintain your current weight but then try and burn more calories on top of that to lose weight.  Now if this is a one time occurance then you’re fine, but this kind of behavior tends to take a downward spiral toward a daily routine of poor health choices.  Which brings me to my next point.

The Positive.

A healthy reminder that we all need some days!

A day of poor nutrition choices is not the end of the world. Take this post as a forewarning though. Have a day like this and you must turn it around. Let’s be real. Getting fit is hard, time consuming work.  We don’t want to let it slip away.  Stay strong.  If you have an off day, don’t get down on yourself. Remain positive and get back on track. There will be many set backs along your fitness journey.  What matters is how you rebound and that you do not quit.  Also, if you have a day like my fellow blogger described, try and make the best of it.  Yes fast food is very convenient, but many fast food restaurants are now offering healthier options.  Opt for the salad instead of the baconator.  Make the most of it!

Keep working.  EARN YOUR BODY.


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