Cardio Circuit Stations

Going to the gym and running or lifting weights is a great way to workout. It can however, get boring.  The same routine day in and day out.


Cardio circuit stations are a great way to mix up your workout and in my opinion, make it go faster.  Today I ran a boot camp circuit class that I will share with you.

You can make as many stations as you’d like.  I made three.  Next, you complete each exercise for a certain time period. I prefer 2 minutes. Of course during these two minutes, you can take a breather any time you need, but try to limit them. You can continue to create stations and change exercises as you complete them.  Here is a typical cardio circuit station that I have completed.


Station 1: Running with a heavy kettlebell

Station 2: Jump rope

Station 3: Plank V’s (in a plank position, slide or jump your feet out in a v position and bring back)


Station 1: Jack Press with a heavy kettlebell (feet go out as if doing a jumping jack while pressing a kettlebell overhead)

Station 2: Tuck Jumps (regular jump and tuck knees to chest)

Station 3: High Knees


Station 1: Jumping Jacks

Station 2: Squat jump with a kettlebell

Station 3: Kettlebell swings (hold kettlebell with both hands bend forward at the hips as you swing the kettlebell between your legs and then return back to straight as you swing the kettlebell straight in front of you)


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