Losing Weight Reward System

BRUTAL... but true!

AMEN. As a personal trainer and fitness instructor I hear so many times how people reward themselves with food.  They complete a 5 week fitness camp, they get ice cream.  Do a work out, have dessert.

Now don’t get me wrong. I think the use of a reward system is a great idea. Having a goal and working towards a reward can be very motivating, but make it something that will further your fitness journey not set you back.

I have decided to come up with a possible rewards system for anyone trying to lose weight.  Don’t forget this system can easily be changed to fit your goals and needs.


5 pounds: Buy your self a fitness shirt.

10 pounds: Find some matching shorts.

20 pounds: Get some new running shoes.

40 pounds: Get a body bug or other weight loss gadget.

50 pounds: Do something crazy.  This one is up to you whether it be mountain climbing, sky diving, or something more simple, do something crazy and fun!

100 pounds: GO ON A VACATION.  100 pounds is a great milestone. Treat yourself to something awesome.  Don’t forget to workout while you are on a vacation though!


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