Passion When No One Is Watching


Let’s be honest. A large majority of people workout to look better.  Whether they want to build muscle mass, tone, or lose weight, everyone seems to always want to improve their look.  This is where a lot of us get into trouble.  If we don’t see the results in the mirror, we feel that we have failed.  This is where the passion to push yourself when no one is watching is so key. Just because you don’t shed the pounds or gain the muscle mass doesn’t mean that you aren’t doing your body good. Focus your gauge of success more on how you feel or other small goals.  For example instead of giving yourself a goal of losing 10 pounds maybe give yourself a goal of completing one hour on the treadmill. This a goal others may not see but you know you can accomplish.  Sometimes our body just doesn’t react the way we want and we don’t see the results that we hope for, but by setting goals such as stated above or even recording how you feel in a notebook journal or online blog can really help you to see the positive and success behind all of the hard work you put in.  Above all else, stick with it and EARN YOUR BODY.


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