Happy Fourth Of July! Don’t take this holiday as a break! Get up before your picnic and get in a workout! Especially since we all know we will be snacking at a picnic today! In honor of Think Stronger Thursday, here is a firework inspired workout. Unleash your inner patriot!


**Squat Jump: Squat low to the ground and explode jumping up and throwing your hands above your head.


**Plank Jacks: In a forearm plank position, jump your feet out and then back in and continue to repeat.


**Side Plank Lifts : Start in a side plank position lift your top leg into the air. Return to the starting position. Complete 2 minutes on each leg.


**Body X’s : Start in a seated position with your knees towards your chest. As you lean your back towards the floor, extend your legs forward and out and your arms back and out.  Creating an X with your arms and legs.


**Superman : Lay face down and extend your arms froward. Lift both your arms and legs tightening the back muscles.


**Pushup Jacks : Start in a normal push up position. As you lower your chest to the ground, jump your arms and feet out ending in the position below.


Complete this set of exercises for a great jump start to your 4th! NO EXCUSES. *EARN YOUR BODY*.


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