Fit Fair Time

As summer comes to its prime many local fairs will be springing up. You may have even went to one this weekend! I know that I did! Now it’s crazy to sit here and say to never eat fair food, because let’s face it we can tell ourselves we won’t all we want but it never happens. So I wanted to share some tips about helping your weight loss goals survive the summer. 
1. Eat before – have a healthy meal right before you go to an event. Junk food looks way less appealing to a full stomach than to an empty one. That’s why it’s a great tip to abide by when going grocery shopping as well. 
2. Moderation – most foods that you buy at a fair tend to be in large quantities. If you’re craving that all notorious funnel cake share it amongst your family and friends. Just keep reminding yourself moderation. 
3. Keep up the speed – why not get the most out of it. Picking up the pace can increase the calorie burn you will have as you walk the fair. If you have a small child carry them in a sling. This too will add to the caloric burn to compensate for your extra calorie intake. 
4. Pass the good spot – when parking go for distance. Pick the lot the furthest away or pass up the close spot where someone just left. The tip is simple. Add exercise wherever you can. 
Just remember to never just have a go wild day. You can enjoy the things you love and still keep on track. Remember your goals. EARN YOUR BODY. 

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