5 Strength Tips for The Busy

Before you say it, let me guess.  You are too busy for a strength routine. WRONG. Not to be too blunt but this is far from the truth! You just haven’t got creative YET.


1. Lunges –  You may think, “lunges are not a tip.” Oh, but they are. Lunge everywhere.  Feel silly in public? Okay, I’ll give you that, but lunge everywhere in your house.  In a hurry? Not getting out of it so fast.  Change out lunges for squat jumps and you will move much faster.  The thought behind these tips are utilizing the time you do have available.

2. Commercials – I would be willing to bet that if you are reading this blog you probably like TV.  I know that I do. Turn your TV time into workout time.  Hate when you have to watch commercials? Complete jumping jacks during them.  Using a recorder and don’t watch live TV anymore? Pause during the commercial break and complete 30 jumping jacks before you continue watching.

3. Brushing your teeth – It’s recommended that we brush our teeth for 2 minutes. Rather than just standing and brushing, do a 2 minute wall sit while brushing.

4. Before Sleeping – Make a new habit.  As you lay down for bed complete 40 sit ups.  It won’t take long at all, but adds some exercise to your day.  Want to expand this? Do 40 sit ups before you get out of bed as well.

5. Use what little time you have – You may realize you have to leave for work in 20 minutes and don’t have time to exercise the rest of the day. Below is a great idea to fall back on when pressed for time.



Use these tips to add exercise throughout the day.  In the end, you will exercise on days where you thought you had no time to.  There are now NO EXCUSES. EARN YOUR BODY.




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