We at Focused Fitness are becoming your own personal bloggers. Through our blog we hope to make a healthy lifestyle more attainable to all of our followers.  Earn Your Body breaks up your week so that we can fill your mind with loads of different fitness knowledge daily. Tune into Motivational Monday’s for a motivational post to boost you through that 5 day work week. Who doesn’t need this right? Take A Breath Tuesday’s will vary from from cardio workouts, to relaxation methods, to yoga moves. Regardless of the topic, Tuesdays will get you breathing.  Weight Loss Wednesdays are just what the doctor ordered. For some, literally.  Weight loss is the number one thing on many people’s mind as they jump into a workout routine. Wednesday’s posts will give you all the knowledge you need to shed the pounds.  Think Stronger Thursdays is your own personal hub for strength training routines. Need something for home workouts? Just want to know whats hot and whats not? We will find you all the answers.  Finally, its Food For Thought Friday which will make you drool. Don’t think healthy food tastes good? Well we are here to change that theory. Check out Friday’s posts for yummy recipes as well as general nutrition information to help you create a better nutritional lifestyle for you and your family. You’ve made it to the weekend! We won’t leave you hanging though! Weekend Wellness will keep you ready with workouts, outdoor fitness ideas, and different fitness tips until you’re back at the gym on Monday! We are excited to become your fitness knowledge go to so make sure to follow EARN YOUR BODY.


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