Top 5 Benefits of Cycling


Cycling is a form of exercise that has been around for quite awhile.  At Focused Fitness, we are trying to raise money to be able to offer a cycle class to our clients. As we work towards our goals of a cycle studio, I wanted to share the benefits of offering a cycle class.  So read on and learn!


1. Weight Management: An intensely ran cycle class can provide a great calorie burn through its cardiovascular components. This is also a great form of exercise for weight loss as it is no impact while still providing a complete total body workout.

2. Sound Sleep: Tests have shown that those that participate regularly in cycle classes sleep more soundly and in a deep sleep state more often than those who do not.

3. Fewer Injuries: This is one of the few exercises that is low impact but still offers a high intensity workout. A low impact workout decreases your risk for injury dramatically. 

4. Direct Health Benefits: The following are direct health benefits of regular aerobic exercise such as cycling; improved immune system, decrease blood pressure, improved cholesterol levels, reduced risk for heart disease, decrease risk for stroke and cancer, and improved mood.

5. Perfect for all Age Groups and Fitness Levels: There are very few group exercise classes that can spread across a large range of ages and fitness levels. So whether you want to work out with your kids, parents, or friends, you can all participate regardless if you are of equal fitness levels.


What great benefits right?! Hopefully soon we will be able to raise enough money to bring a great cycling opportunity to our area. Don’t forget if you are a studio member we are running a 50/50 fundraiser all month! Keep working hard and EARN YOUR BODY.