Running vs walking which burns more calories?

The answer seems obvious. Running of course right? Well in the long run, running does burn more calories. However looking at a one mile run versus a one mile walk the picture isn’t so clear.  When walking for one mile, an average calorie burn is 80.  Whereas for running, an average calorie burn is 97. This small difference isn’t much to compensate for the amount of strain running puts on your body. Now if you are running or walking for different lengths of hours the difference in calorie burn increases dramatically. At an easy pace you will burn over four times the amount of calories in an hour as you would if you were walking. The following picture also depicts how this difference changes with intensity as well as other exercises. So the next time you go out for a run or a walk decide the distance and choose your mode of exercise from there. NO EXCUSES. EARN YOUR BODY. 



10 Weight Loss Tips

ImageHere are some great weight loss tips that I came across that could really help you to stay on track or begin a weight loss journey.  Don’t just read these though.  Plan to act!


#1 Go For A Walk: This doesn’t even have to be a planned form of exercise.  You can add walking to your everyday life by taking the stairs, parking further from a store or work, using a push mower rather than a riding mower, walk to a colleges desk or to the neighbors instead of using the phone or email.

#2 Stop Eating Out As Much: Eating out is convenient and for most can be a great time saver.  The problem with eating out is that you never fully know what all is in what you are eating.  In addition, usually the best deal is the most unhealthy.

#3 Eat Breakfast: By skipping breakfast your opening up your mind and body to over eating and snacking later on in the day.  Pressed for time? Consider a nutrient packed meal replacement such as Shakeology.

#4 Eat Smaller Portions: Americans have portion size completely distorted. For instance a portion of meat is about the size of your fist not a 16 oz steak.  If you do eat out, grab a to go box right away and put half away.

#5 Do Yoga: Yoga is an all around great idea for weight loss. It will decrease your stress level which can lead to over eating when high as well as increase your metabolism.

#6 Spend More Time Outdoors: Indoors always has non-moving activities such as tv, video games, and computers.  Get outside and get moving. Choose a day that you always go out doors rain or shine! Maybe Sundays!

#7 Build Muscle: It is recommended that you do strength training at least 3 days per week.  As you build muscle mass, you will increase your metabolism.  Building muscle is convenient in that it doesn’t require machines.  Great exercises like push ups, squats, and burpees don’t require any equipment.

#8 Weigh Yourself Daily: Obsessing over weight is not healthy. Being conscious of your weight and progress is however.  Don’t just focus on the number but be aware.

#9 Stop Drinking Soda: Soda is loaded with many different unhealthy qualities. By simply taking soda out of your diet you will see results.

#10 Eat Fruit: Fruit has little fat and lots of water! A great combination.  It also doesn’t hurt that it tastes great!


As I said earlier, don’t just read these tips.  Maybe print them and start to seriously insert them in your life.  NO EXCUSES.  EARN YOUR BODY.

Foods To Fight Your Headaches

A large portion of Americans suffer from headaches.  There are many types of headaches and many triggers that cause them.  The most common types of headaches are stress or tension headaches which are brought on by the day in and day out stresses of life. Below, I will share different surprising triggers that you can aim to handle as well as a great list of foods that can aid in your effort to prevent headaches.


1. Your Boss – Make sure after a stressful interaction with your boss, whether positive or negative, you take a minute to breathe and relax.

2. The Weather – We have all experienced this one after a day out in the sun. Make sure to protect yourself from the elements and hydrate!

3. Strong Scents – Good or bad, strong scents can trigger headaches in many people.  Avoid those perfume sales people!

4. Hair Accessories – Be careful how you rock the updo.  Sometimes hair pulled back too tightly can cause had aches.

5. Cheese and Cold Cuts – Surprisingly enough, some foods do trigger headaches. These foods contain a substance called tyramine which can cause headaches.


Check out the following photo for a great group of foods that you can mix into your daily diet to help prevent headaches before they happen! Just with many other ailments, prevention is always better than treatment.  And as you are headache free, you can hit the gym! NO EXCUSES. EARN YOUR BODY.


10 Body Band Busters

Don’t have a resistance band? Go to WalMart or 5 Below and pick on up! They’re a cheap way to have a great workout.  …Now that you have your band. Here is a great workout I just did with my class at focused fitness.  It takes 30 minutes and it will make you sweat! It hits all parts of the body and even includes a cardio component! Grab your band and try it out!

Between each of these exercises is the CARDIO component. For 20 seconds between each of the following exercises hold the band in each hand with little slack in between spread your arms as if you are giving someone a hug, and hold this position as you do 20 seconds of high knees.


1. Lunge With Overhead Front Raise: Place one end of band under front foot and other end of band in opposite hand (adjust slack for resistance change).  As you lunge forward, lift arm forward and overhead.


3.  Squat With Front Shoulder Raise : Place band under both feet with one end in your right hand. As you squat down lift right arm forward (keeping elbow straight) until you reach shoulder level.  Return to starting position.


5. Seated Straight Arm Pull Backs: Seated with legs straight forward, wrap band around legs. Keeping arms as straight as possible, grab each end of the band and bring arms from in front of your body to directly next to your side.

6. Band Kick Backs : While on all fours, wrap band around the bottom of one foot.  Hold each end of the band in front of you in each hand. Extend banded leg backwards in a kick back motion.


8. Laying Leg V’s : Laying flat on your back with both feet together pointed towards the ceiling, wrap band around the bottom of both feet. Give some slack between feet then in a V motion push legs out towards the ground and slowly back in.

9. Upper Cut Punches : Stand with both feet on the band.  Criss cross the band in front of you holding each end in each hand.  Crossing in front of body, swing arms in an upper cut motion.

10. Laying Bridge Lifts : Laying on your back with knees bent, hold band down across your stomach.  Hold band to ground as you lift your butt and back up.

Below is an illustration of each exercise.  This is a low budget great workout.  Go grab a band and get working. EARN YOUR BODY.




Happy Fourth Of July! Don’t take this holiday as a break! Get up before your picnic and get in a workout! Especially since we all know we will be snacking at a picnic today! In honor of Think Stronger Thursday, here is a firework inspired workout. Unleash your inner patriot!


**Squat Jump: Squat low to the ground and explode jumping up and throwing your hands above your head.


**Plank Jacks: In a forearm plank position, jump your feet out and then back in and continue to repeat.


**Side Plank Lifts : Start in a side plank position lift your top leg into the air. Return to the starting position. Complete 2 minutes on each leg.


**Body X’s : Start in a seated position with your knees towards your chest. As you lean your back towards the floor, extend your legs forward and out and your arms back and out.  Creating an X with your arms and legs.


**Superman : Lay face down and extend your arms froward. Lift both your arms and legs tightening the back muscles.


**Pushup Jacks : Start in a normal push up position. As you lower your chest to the ground, jump your arms and feet out ending in the position below.


Complete this set of exercises for a great jump start to your 4th! NO EXCUSES. *EARN YOUR BODY*.

Passion When No One Is Watching


Let’s be honest. A large majority of people workout to look better.  Whether they want to build muscle mass, tone, or lose weight, everyone seems to always want to improve their look.  This is where a lot of us get into trouble.  If we don’t see the results in the mirror, we feel that we have failed.  This is where the passion to push yourself when no one is watching is so key. Just because you don’t shed the pounds or gain the muscle mass doesn’t mean that you aren’t doing your body good. Focus your gauge of success more on how you feel or other small goals.  For example instead of giving yourself a goal of losing 10 pounds maybe give yourself a goal of completing one hour on the treadmill. This a goal others may not see but you know you can accomplish.  Sometimes our body just doesn’t react the way we want and we don’t see the results that we hope for, but by setting goals such as stated above or even recording how you feel in a notebook journal or online blog can really help you to see the positive and success behind all of the hard work you put in.  Above all else, stick with it and EARN YOUR BODY.

Tabata Training 101

What is Tabata Training?

To most this is a foreign word. Even though Tabata training is becoming more and more popular in our area, its roots began in Japan. Tabata is a form of High Intensity Interval Training or HITT and was founded by a professor named Izumi Tabata and was originally used on speed skaters.  Tabata training combines intervals of 20 seconds of max workout with a 10 second rest period. This type of training will increase your VO2max (how you consume oxygen during exercise) as well as your anaerobic capacity (how well your body works without the use of oxygen), and of course contribute to weight loss.

“What will I need?”

Technically Tabata training only requires that you have a timer.  However many lifting exercises can also be done in a Tabata style workout so weights are a great addition. Also, it is recommended that you have a journal or notebook so that you can record weights that you may have used and track your progress.

“What exercises can I do?”

The exercises that you use to create your Tabata is completely up to you and your goals.  I personally recommend a combination of strength and cardio exercises.

For example:


Check out this video for a great 12 minute Tabata Workout!

Pre and Post Tabata:

Make sure that you are properly warming up for a Tabata workout. This is a high intensity workout and you don’t want to simply jump into it.  Also during your workout make sure that you are motivating yourself and pushing yourself to your limits. The only way that you will see results from this training method is if you are pushing yourself 100% during the 20 seconds of each exercise.  Finally, make sure to cool down.  Light jogging is a great way to cool down from this type of training.

Want to try a Tabata class?  Check out our class at Focused Fitness Tuesdays at 6:35PM.  Get to your Tabatas and EARN YOUR BODY!