You Are Your Motivation


A lot of us look at exercise as if it is a punishment, or we may look for it to do something for us. For example, we may say I am exercising so that I will look better or lose weight.   But what if you completely changed the way that you think? What if you wanted to exercise more so that you became better at it and improved your abilities.  After improving, you may then want to exercise to motivate others.  This is where short term goals can really help you on your journey.  By establishing short term goals you can allow yourself to constantly improve and become a better you.  And try not to just focus on weight loss along your journey.  By changing your views you open up more areas for improvement.  Some examples of non weight loss related goals would be working out 6 days per week for 3 months or running a minute longer than your previous time on the treadmill.  By establishing goals you focus on your own improvement not just your appearance or weight loss. Never stop being motivated and always aim to motivate others.  Lose sight of your motivation? Just check back to this quote and it should help you back on your path.





Passion When No One Is Watching


Let’s be honest. A large majority of people workout to look better.  Whether they want to build muscle mass, tone, or lose weight, everyone seems to always want to improve their look.  This is where a lot of us get into trouble.  If we don’t see the results in the mirror, we feel that we have failed.  This is where the passion to push yourself when no one is watching is so key. Just because you don’t shed the pounds or gain the muscle mass doesn’t mean that you aren’t doing your body good. Focus your gauge of success more on how you feel or other small goals.  For example instead of giving yourself a goal of losing 10 pounds maybe give yourself a goal of completing one hour on the treadmill. This a goal others may not see but you know you can accomplish.  Sometimes our body just doesn’t react the way we want and we don’t see the results that we hope for, but by setting goals such as stated above or even recording how you feel in a notebook journal or online blog can really help you to see the positive and success behind all of the hard work you put in.  Above all else, stick with it and EARN YOUR BODY.

Motivation Doesn’t Last

Recommended Daily

Take a look at this picture if you lose your motivation. This is a great concept and something to really think about.  Each and every day we must re-evaluate our goals and motivation.  You won’t always wake up with a ready to go attitude. It’s unreasonable to expect that from ourselves.  We can however, do everything in our power to create a positive and motivational state of mind. I like to view it as not being afraid to be cheesy.  Instead of waking up and thinking of all the things you MUST do today, wake up and think of things that you can do today that you WANT to do or that can make someones day better.  A lot of times things that we view as negative are reasons that others find enjoyment.  For instance, maybe you are service worker and your crummy day at work is actually someones day maker as you offer them service.  This is also where having a workout buddy comes in.  You may wake up and not have motivation to work out but then you will remember that someone else is counting on you.  Keep your head up and keep searching for motivation daily! EARN YOUR BODY.