10 Weight Loss Tips

ImageHere are some great weight loss tips that I came across that could really help you to stay on track or begin a weight loss journey.  Don’t just read these though.  Plan to act!


#1 Go For A Walk: This doesn’t even have to be a planned form of exercise.  You can add walking to your everyday life by taking the stairs, parking further from a store or work, using a push mower rather than a riding mower, walk to a colleges desk or to the neighbors instead of using the phone or email.

#2 Stop Eating Out As Much: Eating out is convenient and for most can be a great time saver.  The problem with eating out is that you never fully know what all is in what you are eating.  In addition, usually the best deal is the most unhealthy.

#3 Eat Breakfast: By skipping breakfast your opening up your mind and body to over eating and snacking later on in the day.  Pressed for time? Consider a nutrient packed meal replacement such as Shakeology.

#4 Eat Smaller Portions: Americans have portion size completely distorted. For instance a portion of meat is about the size of your fist not a 16 oz steak.  If you do eat out, grab a to go box right away and put half away.

#5 Do Yoga: Yoga is an all around great idea for weight loss. It will decrease your stress level which can lead to over eating when high as well as increase your metabolism.

#6 Spend More Time Outdoors: Indoors always has non-moving activities such as tv, video games, and computers.  Get outside and get moving. Choose a day that you always go out doors rain or shine! Maybe Sundays!

#7 Build Muscle: It is recommended that you do strength training at least 3 days per week.  As you build muscle mass, you will increase your metabolism.  Building muscle is convenient in that it doesn’t require machines.  Great exercises like push ups, squats, and burpees don’t require any equipment.

#8 Weigh Yourself Daily: Obsessing over weight is not healthy. Being conscious of your weight and progress is however.  Don’t just focus on the number but be aware.

#9 Stop Drinking Soda: Soda is loaded with many different unhealthy qualities. By simply taking soda out of your diet you will see results.

#10 Eat Fruit: Fruit has little fat and lots of water! A great combination.  It also doesn’t hurt that it tastes great!


As I said earlier, don’t just read these tips.  Maybe print them and start to seriously insert them in your life.  NO EXCUSES.  EARN YOUR BODY.


Do’s and Don’ts of Clean Eating

So you are on a mission to try and change to a healthy eating lifestyle, right? Well if not this is a great article to get you started regardless. I’m sure if you have began your journey you have hit your fair share of struggles wondering what is it exactly that I am supposed to be doing. There are many factors in clean eating such as how much to eat, what to eat, and when to eat it.  Well, I stumbled across a great tool. This display won’t tell you everything that you need to know but it is a great basic tool to utilize.  Take a few minutes and check out these Do’s and Don’ts of Clean Eating.


Stick to these guidelines and you will be on a great path for clean eating success. NO EXCUSES. EARN YOUR BODY.

5 Strength Tips for The Busy

Before you say it, let me guess.  You are too busy for a strength routine. WRONG. Not to be too blunt but this is far from the truth! You just haven’t got creative YET.


1. Lunges –  You may think, “lunges are not a tip.” Oh, but they are. Lunge everywhere.  Feel silly in public? Okay, I’ll give you that, but lunge everywhere in your house.  In a hurry? Not getting out of it so fast.  Change out lunges for squat jumps and you will move much faster.  The thought behind these tips are utilizing the time you do have available.

2. Commercials – I would be willing to bet that if you are reading this blog you probably like TV.  I know that I do. Turn your TV time into workout time.  Hate when you have to watch commercials? Complete jumping jacks during them.  Using a recorder and don’t watch live TV anymore? Pause during the commercial break and complete 30 jumping jacks before you continue watching.

3. Brushing your teeth – It’s recommended that we brush our teeth for 2 minutes. Rather than just standing and brushing, do a 2 minute wall sit while brushing.

4. Before Sleeping – Make a new habit.  As you lay down for bed complete 40 sit ups.  It won’t take long at all, but adds some exercise to your day.  Want to expand this? Do 40 sit ups before you get out of bed as well.

5. Use what little time you have – You may realize you have to leave for work in 20 minutes and don’t have time to exercise the rest of the day. Below is a great idea to fall back on when pressed for time.



Use these tips to add exercise throughout the day.  In the end, you will exercise on days where you thought you had no time to.  There are now NO EXCUSES. EARN YOUR BODY.