REALITY OF REACTIONS to Your Weight Loss Journey

We all want the magic cure or the quick fix to weight loss.  We will try crazy diets, pills, and wraps just to get those fast results.  Well here is the reality.  It takes time for people to you or anyone else to realize you’re losing weight.  Take a look below at some realistic time stamps on losing weight that I came across.



>It takes 4 WEEKS for YOU to see your body changing.

> It takes 8 WEEKS for YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY to notice.

>It takes 12 WEEKS for THE REST OF THE WORLD to notice.


>It takes 2 WEEKS for YOUR FRIENDS to realize that you are EATING HEALTHY.

>It takes 2 MINUTES for them to try and SABOTAGE YOUR DIET.



10 Weight Loss Tips

ImageHere are some great weight loss tips that I came across that could really help you to stay on track or begin a weight loss journey.  Don’t just read these though.  Plan to act!


#1 Go For A Walk: This doesn’t even have to be a planned form of exercise.  You can add walking to your everyday life by taking the stairs, parking further from a store or work, using a push mower rather than a riding mower, walk to a colleges desk or to the neighbors instead of using the phone or email.

#2 Stop Eating Out As Much: Eating out is convenient and for most can be a great time saver.  The problem with eating out is that you never fully know what all is in what you are eating.  In addition, usually the best deal is the most unhealthy.

#3 Eat Breakfast: By skipping breakfast your opening up your mind and body to over eating and snacking later on in the day.  Pressed for time? Consider a nutrient packed meal replacement such as Shakeology.

#4 Eat Smaller Portions: Americans have portion size completely distorted. For instance a portion of meat is about the size of your fist not a 16 oz steak.  If you do eat out, grab a to go box right away and put half away.

#5 Do Yoga: Yoga is an all around great idea for weight loss. It will decrease your stress level which can lead to over eating when high as well as increase your metabolism.

#6 Spend More Time Outdoors: Indoors always has non-moving activities such as tv, video games, and computers.  Get outside and get moving. Choose a day that you always go out doors rain or shine! Maybe Sundays!

#7 Build Muscle: It is recommended that you do strength training at least 3 days per week.  As you build muscle mass, you will increase your metabolism.  Building muscle is convenient in that it doesn’t require machines.  Great exercises like push ups, squats, and burpees don’t require any equipment.

#8 Weigh Yourself Daily: Obsessing over weight is not healthy. Being conscious of your weight and progress is however.  Don’t just focus on the number but be aware.

#9 Stop Drinking Soda: Soda is loaded with many different unhealthy qualities. By simply taking soda out of your diet you will see results.

#10 Eat Fruit: Fruit has little fat and lots of water! A great combination.  It also doesn’t hurt that it tastes great!


As I said earlier, don’t just read these tips.  Maybe print them and start to seriously insert them in your life.  NO EXCUSES.  EARN YOUR BODY.

You Are Your Motivation


A lot of us look at exercise as if it is a punishment, or we may look for it to do something for us. For example, we may say I am exercising so that I will look better or lose weight.   But what if you completely changed the way that you think? What if you wanted to exercise more so that you became better at it and improved your abilities.  After improving, you may then want to exercise to motivate others.  This is where short term goals can really help you on your journey.  By establishing short term goals you can allow yourself to constantly improve and become a better you.  And try not to just focus on weight loss along your journey.  By changing your views you open up more areas for improvement.  Some examples of non weight loss related goals would be working out 6 days per week for 3 months or running a minute longer than your previous time on the treadmill.  By establishing goals you focus on your own improvement not just your appearance or weight loss. Never stop being motivated and always aim to motivate others.  Lose sight of your motivation? Just check back to this quote and it should help you back on your path.




Juicing For Weight Loss




Juicing is a widely known health and fitness technique to aid weight loss.  Now we at Focused Fitness don’t support Juicing Diets but we do support Juicing being an aid to your healthy lifestyle. There are no proven studies that show juicing is directly connected to weight loss however the trend that those who juice or consume natural fruit juices are proven more likely to lose weight.


Juicing is a great way to take in high amounts of vitamins and minerals without the added calories. It gives you a great taste and a sweet treat without adding on the calories of a snack.

THE $$$

There are many juicers on the market today.  Starting at around $50 up to hundreds of dollars. Not looking to put out a lot of cash? There are many juicing recipes that can be made in a blender! Try a few of those out first to see if this is something you’d like to try out.


You may think to yourself, “I have absolutely no idea where to start.” Well if you live in Butler, PA or many other areas you may not have to.  Some local businesses and gyms, such as Focused Fitness, may soon be or currently are running juice bars.  What’s more convenient than grabbing a juice on your way out of a workout.  Some recipes are even specifically aimed at a post workout nutrient base.  Although if you can’t find a local source, be resourceful.  We live in the age of technology and the amount of juicing recipes on the internet is unfathomable.

Keep focused and remember to try new things.  You never know what may help you reach your goals.  NO EXCUSES. EARN YOUR BODY.

10 Commandments of Weight Loss



Over two thirds of American citizens are overweight or obese.  This shows how many people are truly suffering with weight loss. One thing that many people search for are rules or boundaries.  Well thanks to Dr. Oz, we are going to provide you with ten.  The following is taken from the Dr. Oz show and is a valuable lesson what no to do for weight loss.  Dr. Oz is a nationally recognize source for health and wellness topics and is a great resource for anyone trying to lose weight.

1. Thou Shalt Not Wear Pants that Stretch

Stretch pants take a way an easy way to track your weight loss. If your jeans are too tight, you know that you need to get back on the weight loss track.

2. Thou Shalt Not Keep Fat Clothes in Your Closet

Eliminate plan B.  Having clothing that you wore at an unhealthy weight gives you a wardrobe to fall back on, one that you don’t ever want to return to.

3. Thou Shalt Not Eat Meat That Walks on Four Legs More Than Once a Week

As crazy as this one sounds, animals hat walk on four legs contain meat that contains more fat and cholesterol.  Stick to other animals such as chicken and fish.

4. Thou Shalt Not Graze

Stick to a schedule. This will help to decrease poor snacking decisions.

5. Thou Shalt Not Eat After 7:30pm

Late night snacking usually leads to over eating as we are normally distracted by things such as books or television.

6. Thou Shalt Not Pile Food More than 1 Inch High or Within 2 Inches of the Plate Edge

Portion size. Portion size. Portion size.  This is simply a trick to control the portion of your meal.

7. Thou Shalt Not Chew Food Less than 20 Times Per Bite

This may seem silly and tedious, but it will truly help.  Chewing provides internal signals to the brain that you are eating and thus triggers the sensation of fullness sooner.

8. Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Plate

Snacking from someone else’s meal is an easy way to add a great amount of calories to your daily intake without even realizing it.

9. Thou Shalt Not Carry Small Bills

Dreaded vending machines and drive through dollar menus.  We all like cheap things.  Keeping small bills from your wallet can help ward off these cravings.

10. Thou Shalt Not Eat While Standing Up

This one was new to me.  Sitting allows your body to recognize that you are full before you overeat.  This must be why everyone eats so much at carnivals and fairs!



One Day Weight Loss Bust

The day of fast food and poor health choices.  We have all had them.  I am here to hit both sides of the one day weight loss bust.

The Negative.

I recently read a bloggers account of their day of diet disaster.  As I reiterate the details of their day, I am sure you as many others will think, “Oh I have had those days.”  So read on and I will hit the reaction post story.

  • “You sleep in and then head down to McDonald’s and have a Deluxe Breakfast with a large biscuit  and have margarine and syrup you have eaten 1340 calories. Even one meal like this creates barriers to losing weight.
  • But it is the weekend…one of the common excuses that ranks high among barriers to losing weight. By 3 you have been out shopping and are really hungry so you zip into DQ and have a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard and knock down 1320 calories.
  • After a couple more hours of errands you are to tired to go home and cook and you zip into Wendy’s for a Double Baconator, fries and a large coke. Wham…there you go with another 1264 calories. The barriers to losing weight are now sabotaging your whole week of perfect dieting.
  • You go home. After your busy day you crash and watch hockey on TV. You can’t do that without having a few beers and some wings. 9 wings to be exact, and 4 beers. There you go with 612 calories of beer, and 540 calories of wings.

That is a total of 5076 Calories.” –

Now let’s look at the math.  If you are trying to lose weight, you are most likely consuming around 1800 calories (depending on gender, weight, and activity level).  5076 calories – 1800 calories =3276 calories.  There are 3500 calorie in one pound. So, with this simple day of poor nutrition choices, you’ve nearly tacked on a pound.  The problem lies that now you not only have to work off 3276 calories to maintain your current weight but then try and burn more calories on top of that to lose weight.  Now if this is a one time occurance then you’re fine, but this kind of behavior tends to take a downward spiral toward a daily routine of poor health choices.  Which brings me to my next point.

The Positive.

A healthy reminder that we all need some days!

A day of poor nutrition choices is not the end of the world. Take this post as a forewarning though. Have a day like this and you must turn it around. Let’s be real. Getting fit is hard, time consuming work.  We don’t want to let it slip away.  Stay strong.  If you have an off day, don’t get down on yourself. Remain positive and get back on track. There will be many set backs along your fitness journey.  What matters is how you rebound and that you do not quit.  Also, if you have a day like my fellow blogger described, try and make the best of it.  Yes fast food is very convenient, but many fast food restaurants are now offering healthier options.  Opt for the salad instead of the baconator.  Make the most of it!

Keep working.  EARN YOUR BODY.

Tabata Training 101

What is Tabata Training?

To most this is a foreign word. Even though Tabata training is becoming more and more popular in our area, its roots began in Japan. Tabata is a form of High Intensity Interval Training or HITT and was founded by a professor named Izumi Tabata and was originally used on speed skaters.  Tabata training combines intervals of 20 seconds of max workout with a 10 second rest period. This type of training will increase your VO2max (how you consume oxygen during exercise) as well as your anaerobic capacity (how well your body works without the use of oxygen), and of course contribute to weight loss.

“What will I need?”

Technically Tabata training only requires that you have a timer.  However many lifting exercises can also be done in a Tabata style workout so weights are a great addition. Also, it is recommended that you have a journal or notebook so that you can record weights that you may have used and track your progress.

“What exercises can I do?”

The exercises that you use to create your Tabata is completely up to you and your goals.  I personally recommend a combination of strength and cardio exercises.

For example:


Check out this video for a great 12 minute Tabata Workout!

Pre and Post Tabata:

Make sure that you are properly warming up for a Tabata workout. This is a high intensity workout and you don’t want to simply jump into it.  Also during your workout make sure that you are motivating yourself and pushing yourself to your limits. The only way that you will see results from this training method is if you are pushing yourself 100% during the 20 seconds of each exercise.  Finally, make sure to cool down.  Light jogging is a great way to cool down from this type of training.

Want to try a Tabata class?  Check out our class at Focused Fitness Tuesdays at 6:35PM.  Get to your Tabatas and EARN YOUR BODY!